Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD.

Hang on while I gather my thoughts.

The burglar's new fish tank was later arriving yesterday and difficult to fit into his house so he didn't make it into the office, thus I didn't have to spend the evening with him debriefing what is going on in work, so I did manage to make it to see the Car Man at Wimbledon. Good stuff it was too.

When I was paying for the ticket I couldn't find my Connect card, so I bought it with my Barclaycard assuming that I had left the Connect in the PINSentry in the office when logging on to the bank. No such luck this morning. I can only hope it is in the trousers I put in the wash last night. If not I will have to arrange to get another one in Cardiff on Friday. It is the end of the month next week and I can't be without online banking for that.

I depart London Paddington at 14:15 this afternoon and arrive at Cardiff Central at 16:22. Trainline booking reference XT7XN47F. I had better get their earlyish as I haven't used trainline before and I am not familiar with the system for collecting tickets. Also I will need to get the rugby water bottle crates over to the Hendries so that they can come down with the boys on the coach on Friday and be available for the Cowbridge and Llandaff games. It will take about an hour to get from my house to Paddington on the tube so I had better get cracking this morning.

When I arrive in I will go straight to the Brewdog (31 Westgate Street CF10 1EH) for the Hang Fire event. If you are reading this John, and you can't reach me on the phone I will meet you there.

Tactical Nuclear Penguin anyone? How is that for synchronicity on the 'blog.

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