Friday, October 31, 2014

Trapped in a Tom Waits Song

Did I dream the special offer on bourbon in Sainsbury's?
There is a saw playing in the background no matter where I go in the forest.
I fell asleep standing up in a tenement doorway.
I have a police record in an Asian port city for fighting a sailor over a dice game.
It is after 2 AM and I am washing dishes in a dance hall.
It is my belief that the only good things in this world are alcohol and a lady that I knew but briefly, and only as Tallulah.
In my opinion there is nothing wrong with storing your money, your gun, and your tragic love letters in the same shoe box.
One of my friends is a dwarf and he has killed somebody, probably at a sleazy circus.
When I hear a church bell I just shake my head because I know that everyone is evil and we're all going to hell. A hell which I ridicule but also believe in, because I have met the devil.
When he devil appeared to me, he spoke by growling through an old megaphone.
I occasionally fantasize about opening a combination greasy spoon diner and piano bar, like Coffee in the Wood.

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