Tuesday, June 03, 2014

an edgier version

BY DAY he’s a respected city architect – but by night he’s a lethal weapon.
At the age of 46, Stephen Franks, of Splott, Cardiff, has just become the unlicensed boxing British Heavyweight Champion.
Like professional boxing, unlicensed boxing has regulations – there is a referee, a round system, gloves and Queensberry rules – the difference being that it is not covered by the British Boxing Board of Control. Supporters say it is an edgier version. There are also fewer controls relating to age and ability.
In his day job, Stephen is a partner in the Cardiff branch of HLM Architects, but in his spare time he has won each of his nine boxing clashes and has now been crowned champion after beating 31-year-old Londoner Mark Smith at a fight in Weston-super-Mare.
Steve Franks was a class mate of my brother Vince. That's St Illtyd's for you; an edgier version of school.

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