Saturday, May 24, 2014

Right Now

The cheapest HDMI cable currently on sale in John Lewis is £9.95, plus £3 postage and packaging. For £9.99, Sky will sell you an HDMI cable that comes with a free Now TV box that connects your TV to the BBC iPlayer, Five’s catch up services, Facebook, Spotify, other apps and offers access to Sky Movies and Sky Sports on a short-term subscription basis.
To put it another way, there’s almost no reason on Earth not to buy a Now TV box, especially if you need an HDMI cable, or might in the future.
The first time I tried Sky Now was when I shelled out £9.99 on a day pass to watch the Heineken Cup semi final between Saracens and Toulon in April last year (Icons passim).

The same sides are going to meet in the final this year and kick off at the Millenium Stadium at five this afternoon. I noticed in Currys yesterday that I can get a Sky Now box that includes a one day sports pass for £14.99. That gives me the hardware for a fiver so I think that will be the way forward for today as Sky have the rights to the game.

I wonder if I will stay with sky for Bale in the all Madrid European championship final later in the evening, or go back to ITV?

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