Friday, April 18, 2014


On June 29th, one week after my birthday on the 22nd I am going to see Stevie Wonder in Clapham. That's right I am going to see Stevie Wonder at a venue I can walk home from.

I've now booked tickets on June 15th (a week before my birthday) to see the last night of Kevin Spacey as Clarence Darrow at the Old Vic.

The last half of June is essentially turning into a fortnight's festival of me.

(Strange to think that if I hadn't gone to see the Entertainer at the Old Vic with Kim and Chris seven years ago I wouldn't be on the email list that got me the "new release of Clarence Darrow tickets available now" message this week or into the once-in-a-lifetime Tom Jones in the vaults gig a couple of years ago.)

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