Friday, January 25, 2013

HEART: Nothing recorded

I'm off to the dentist in Slough later today. It seems like a bit of a trek I know, but I invested so much getting my teeth fixed in 2011/12 that it seems worth making the effort to see the person who did the work even though she has moved on from SW19.

I'm taking the Bomber with me as well, as its an INSET day and she has been his regular dentist as well.

He was referred to an orthodontist in 2011 who decided he needed five milk teeth out. When we went back in mid November last year the orthodontist in turn referred him to the hospital maxillofacial clinic.

We're still waiting for that appointment though. The orthodontist has sent three letters that the hospital claim haven't arrived: I ring both of them up every few weeks to check. This time I'm getting a copy of the letter myself which I will deliver personally if the hole in the space-time continuum swallows it up again.

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