Sunday, December 16, 2012

Beepin' 'ell

I binned the gym this morning as I had received the following scary email yesterday from the Old Ruts U12 coaching team.
Dear All
Now is the chance to show your Boys where they get their "talent" from, Can ALL parents please bring their Trainers to join in a "friendly" session tomorrow.
As it turned out, adult participation was confined to the bleep test and gratifyingly the Bomber and I were the last two standing.

What I didn't tell him however, was that I had craftily only participated in alternate legs of the runs in the middle part of the test which left me with extra gas in the tank at the end.

I will come clean eventually however as there is a life lesson I want him to take from the story: whenever possible let someone else do the donkey work before showing up just before the end to grab any glory that may be going.

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