Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Work Ethic

Your probably working all day like me, but - if it happens to coincide with a coffee break - Winston Gordon will be looking to reverse GB’s dire fortunes in judo when he meets Canadian Alexandre Emond in the ExCeL at 9.51am in the Elimination Round of 32.

As far as I can tell, it will be on the BBC website at
Update: It seems to be on

Just before 10 am: Ippon! Super win.

If he gets through that, other coffee breaks will be as follows:

10:40 - 11:07 Men's -90kg Preliminaries
11:36 - 11:49 Men's -90kg Quarter-finals

14:28 - 15:23 Men's -90kg Bronze Medal Finals Medal event
14:42 - 14:55 Men's -90kg Semi-finals
16:10 - 16:20 Men's -90kg Gold Medal Final

Over and Out: Lost in the second round, dagnabbit!

For the video record:

First Fight
Second Fight

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