Wednesday, August 15, 2012

His Master's Voice

Adrian Bayford who, along with his wife, just won £148 million on the lottery owns and runs a second hand record shop. His father has said that his lucky son was hoping to expand his record shop business using his new fortune.

Helia Ebrahimi, writing in the Telegraph, has pointed out that he could snap up HMV, the British global entertainment retail chain, with "pocket change".

You can run your finger over her back-of-the-envelope calculations here.

In fairness, she also points out that to the while the Bayford business "has grown in recent years, HMV has seen its fortunes dwindle".

Schadenfreude over HMV's misfortunes notwithstanding however, I am rather a fan of Wimbledon's HMV Curzon and I would be sorry to lose it.

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