Sunday, June 24, 2012

Go Kart Mozart

The sleevenotes for Go Kart Mozart's third album take almost as long to read as its 18 tracks take to play. There is a reading list, containing books on sociology, music and mental illness, many of which appear to be made up: you'll search Amazon in vain for Sanitary Ramblings: Women With Their Knickers Down by Dr Ono Powers. There is a playlist, which reveals that On the Hot Dog Streets was made under the influence of both Wiley's Avalanche Music 1 and Thing, a flop 1972 novelty single by Edwina Biglet and the Miglets. And there is a list of potential band names for anyone inspired by the album itself and "thinking of having a go": Doughnut Corporation, Female Rejection, Unlikely Pub, Bing Bong Crosby. the while thing...
I read the review above in a chanced-upon Grauniard, waiting alone early at the bar and genuinely cried and snorted with laughter, all on my Jack, to the evident bemusement of the other customers. Without hearing a note, I have a new musical hero.

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