Friday, May 25, 2012

The Hood

With the European Championship and the FA Cup in the bag, I have to acknowledge that bringing in the super villain from Thunderbirds as Chelsea manager for the latter part of the season was an inspired move.

Wikipedia:What is known for certain about the Hood is that he possesses a significant reputation among the less ethical groups of the world, as he has been shown to be contacted by spy agencies or military generals seeking information or for a target to be eliminated, such as in Edge of Impact when he was hired by a general to sabotage the Red Arrow program as it was a threat to his work. He regularly spends his time in a strange Aztec-themed temple in the heart of an unspecified jungle, which features a statue of Kyrano that he regularly stands in front of when communicating with his brother, as well as other high-tech equipment that he uses to monitor his enemies and prepare his plans.

A shoe-in for Chelsea; could that be Roman Abramovich he addresses as General X in the video below?

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