Friday, May 18, 2012

Here we go!

"If you like your action movies pounding, proficient, and as bloody as a Boxing Day sale at Selfridges, The Raid is something to behold. Gareth Huw Evans announces himself with an almighty Welsh roar as the latest successor to John Woo, trapping us inside a derelict, 30-storey Jakarta apartment block for a relentlessly brutal showdown between drug dealers and an out-of-their-depth SWAT team." The Telegraph.

"There is not, to the best of my knowledge, much competition for the title ‘best Indonesian martial arts movie ever made by a Welshman’. But, if there was, The Raid would see off all comers with a flurry of flying kicks and a selection of gruesomely snapped spines." The Daily Mail.

"Such a lot of talent comes out of Wales. Ivor Novello, Richard Burton, Anthony Hopkins, Rhys Ifans, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Sheen, to name only the bleeding obvious...... Even so, there’s hardly ever before been quite such a drastic example of talent out of Wales as Gareth Huw Evans, the writer, director and action director of this radical martial arts film, made and set in Jakarta, using only Indonesian actors, speaking only Indonesian throughout.". The Evening Standard

"The Raid does not detain the audience with expositions of character." The Guardian.

You may safely assume that I will be visiting the Wimbledon Odeon this weekend. As the for the Grauniard's sniff, to paraphrase Gus Petch in my beloved Intolerable Cruelty, "You want tact, call a tactician. You want an ass nailed, you come see Gareth Evans".

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