Sunday, November 13, 2011

The India Club

After last night's fireworks, we ate at the India Club (Hugh had heard about it somehow on the jungle telegraph):
Beneath the modern, refurbished hotel rooms lies the historically-rich India Club Bar & Restaurant. It first opened its doors in 1946 and over half a century later, little has changed. With features untouched by time, and portraits of Gandhi and Dadabhai Naoroji adorning the walls of the restaurant, it is easy to mistake that you are back in 1940’s India. The modern world has passed India Club by, and we now invite you to experience this miracle of steadfastness.

Originally established by Krishna Menon, India’s first High Commissioner to the UK, and founding members including Nehru and Lady Mountbatten, the building was a hub for political activity. It was here that meetings about the newly independent India took place, and was also a home away from home/an oasis for Indian expatriates and diplomats from the nearby High Commission. With its rich history and faded colonial atmosphere, 143 Strand has become something of an institution.
"Faded colonial atmosphere, is a polite way of describing the decor, but I was enchanted and I'll definitely be back.

I also enthralled my fellow diners by confidently identifying the portrait of Dadabhai Naoroji as Rabindranath Tagore, but I've decided to forgive myself this morning.

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