Wednesday, May 12, 2010


One year to the day from starting judo here is the Bomber's gold medal from Sunday's tournament.

It was a team event. I think there were three in a team, and Darren told me all of Ben's team of red belts beat yellow belts by ippon.

Winston congratulated him after training on Monday, saying that he must have a good heart as he fought back from from behind to win.

That means we've now heard it from a British judo champion as well as a British muay Thai champion. (Would I ever have remembered this without the blog?)


chris said...

Well done Ben-Big-Heart!

Nick Browne said...

I read your note about the huge mobile phone bill when you were stranded by the volcanic ash.

It reminds me of when my Dad was on holiday abroad on his birthday,and we all called and messaged him with congratulations.

When he got back he got the bill, as once out of the UK he pays for the privilege of us tugging on his sleeve.