Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time and Tide

GRAY gnashed his teeth with envy as he saw a mighty store
Of DVDs neglected on his fellow-creature's shore:

I didn't watch Looking for Eric again last night.

Amazon proved that although there is a limit to the number of books I can read, there doesn't appear to be any related constraint on the number of books I can buy.

Amazon again, plus the £3, £4 and £5 bargains in Sainsbury, seems to be nudging me in a similar direction vis a vis DVDs. Looking for Eric is merely one of many repeatedly postponed platters.

I shudder to think how long I have had an unmolested shrink-wrapped copy of Human Traffic, bought because it was shot in Cardiff but never actually viewed. It is at least seven years.

Justin Kerrigan, the writer and director, took a whole decade to come up with his next movie. I Know You Know is also set in Wales and just released.

Out of guilt I have decided to recommend it to you sight unseen (review here), and to anoint Mr Kerrigan (Cardiff 1974) as a Welsh Born Icon.

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