Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Northern Lion/ Social Line

Most of the Northern Line could be shut from 8.30pm on weekdays for more than a year to allow for engineering works, causing further disruption for passengers on one of the most congested lines on the London Underground.

The plans have put the last surviving contractor in the public private partnership to upgrade the tube network on track for another showdown with Boris Johnson. Tube Lines and the London mayor's transport authority, Transport for London, are wrangling over plans to introduce faster and more frequent services on the Northern Line. Sources close to the talks say Tube Lines wants to do the work from 11.30pm between Sunday and Thursday for 16 months, starting next month. According to TfL, this would mean closing the line north of Stockwell from 8.30pm onwards to get trains back to depots.

Bad news from The Grauniard. Am I to have no option other than taking to my bed with a mug of Horlicks and an improving work every day except Friday and Saturday into 2011?


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John said...

I am more J.P.Donleavy of late as the Dublin Hotel booked for the Ireland v. Wales fixture is directly opposite The Ginger Man.