Thursday, August 06, 2009

UK-London: imprisonment services

I look at Tenders Electronic Daily each day to see if there is any computer work that might be up our alley.

What on earth New Prisons - Design, Build and Operate custodial facilities was doing in "TED | Computer and Related Services | UK: United Kingdom | EN" this morning I can't imagine.

The Ministry of Justice, operating through the National Offender Management Agency wishes to establish a framework agreement for the procurement of custodial facilities through the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) using the design, build and operate model. It is anticipated that separate funding competitions will be run for each competition. If appropriate, the Authority may also consider central capital funding should resources be available.

The custodial facilities are needed to enable the Ministry of Justice to meet the requirement to increase the net capacity of the prison estate to a current target of 96 000 places by 2014.
From what we've learned of the moral scruples of financiers lately, why not square the circle by getting the same consortium to design, build, operate and provide the inmates for new prisons?

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