Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Freebie and the Bean

I don't think I've written before of the Bomber's peculiar and precocious appetite for American indie movies. (He also likes European pictures and is currently pressing Pan's Labrynth on me though I haven't got round to watching it yet.)

Last night (as there was no Muay Thai on a Bank Holiday) we trotted off to the Odeon to see Steve Carell and Alan Arkin (from his beloved Sundance Film Festival breakout Little Miss Sunshine) reunited in the mainstream Get Smart.

We laughed like drains. There is a great cameo from Bill Murray that I recommend unto you.

There's also a supporting role for James Caan. In a scene with him and Arkin, I realised that it was a Freebie and the Bean reunion 34 years on.

Standard fayre on BBC2 when I was growing up, but unavailable on DVD for a new generation. The F&B revival campaign starts here.

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