Friday, September 17, 2004

spiked-liberties | Column | Hunting clash: the illiberal in pursuit of the unsanitised: "What happened was that five men in t-shirts got on to the floor of the House of Commons, shouted some slogans and pointed fingers - not, note, guns or pikestaffs - at the few MPs present, as a protest against the latest move to ban foxhunting. It was not the most politically literate of protests, perhaps, and such stunts certainly do more to connect a minority cause with a wider public than does dressing up as Batman and scaling palace walls. But an historic 'desecration of the basic principles of democracy and law'? Hardly. These must be pretty fragile things in modern Britain if they really can be so easily endangered by a handful of foxhunting chaps armed with nothing more than some brass neck."

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