Thursday, July 01, 2004

Wired News: Tech Company Gets Hypersensitive: "The technology will lead to one of the first remote sensing devices that can provide readings from several feet away without physical contact, according to executives at Nexense. That could mean no more sweaty heart monitor straps and no more grabbing handles while running on a treadmill -- the device could get a signal through a wristband or a patient's feet. Devices that could use the Nexense technology include heart monitors, satellites, cell phones and automobiles. It could even help people stop snoring. "
Snoring! How's that for serendipity?

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Michael said...

In this article I state that the ‘Nexense Ltd.’ Administration – namely, CEO Arik Ariav and senior developer Vladimir Ravich – are elaborate crooks, who speculate on natural human fears and the safety of their compatriots. Those speculations help them to create the desired reputation as well as to attract financial investments, which – as I have witnessed over the years I’ve been working there - are never used for the purpose they were destined for officially. I would also like to state that at least once I witnessed them committing a crime against the state, which undoubtedly has to be properly investigated.

CEO ‘Nexense Ltd.’ Arik Ariav declares that his company (as well as the three other companies which he owned-managed before) owns patented technology allowing the creation of supersensitive sensors applicable in various fields of science and technology.
In reality, though, it is a very simple physical effect, widely known at least since the middle of the 20th century. Many commercial companies producing industrial equipment have been using this effect for quite a while, without declaring it ‘unique’ or ‘genius’ technology, as Arik Ariav does. It is worth noting that the senior developer Vladimir Ravich, while talking privately with his colleagues, said it himself many times, jokingly saying that the company makes money out of thin air and that Arik Ariav never does anything without ‘OTKAT’. In Russian criminal slang ‘OTKAT’ means bribing the official responsible for organizing the investments or placing the order. Ravich also joked that the company is engaged in ‘quasitechnical masturbation’, which made either a great or a horrific impression on this or that colleague, depending on their morals. I thought it’s a shame.
As for the technical solutions and ‘production’ of ‘Nexense Ltd.’, it’s absolutely a scam – props and dummies. I, having worked as a technician at ‘Nexense Ltd.’ for a number of years, had to construct dozens of mock-ups demonstrated later as ‘working prototypes’, according to the instructions of Vladimir Ravich and Arik Ariav. In reality those ‘devices’ were nothing more than the ones kids make studying physics at school. I found myself in crazy situations, where I would occasionally decline from making another prop, explaining that the very idea of it’s purported function opposes the common sense, saying actually that I refuse for reasons of professional ethics and simple morals – for which I was put under psychological pressure, disciplinary action was taken against me, and at least once they voiced the threats of violence.
I’m saying that I worked as a technician because this is what I deduced from the tasks given and from my pay. In reality the administration of ‘Nexense Ltd.’ never told me anything about the title of my position, and I never had any working contract. However, I feel I have the perfect right to discuss the ‘scientific’ and ‘technological’ activities of the company, because my name appears in the company patents (as a co-inventor). I had to agree to that for fear of being fired otherwise, as they threatened many times to do. Also I decided that those patents are not a disgrace for me, their content being quite trivial, not against the laws of nature, and not reflecting the state of affairs in the company in any way.
It is worth noting that I told everybody at ‘Nexense Ltd.’ many times, including the administration, that only purchasing special equipment (the price of which was incomparably less than the investments received) could give a slim chance to possibly realize the ideas officially declared by the company. I also told them quite unequivocally that the mechanical instruments which I have to work with are medieval and can only produce what Arik called ‘pyrotechnics’. They replied that what I’m doing is quite sufficient for the company to function and to satisfy the requirements of the investors.
The way senior developer Vladimir Ravich put it is very interesting: he quite transparently hinted that Arik is not very educated and that it would be quite difficult to explain to him why certain technological solutions have to be employed instead of the others. Being pragmatic, though, he will always choose the cheaper options – like buying manual mechanical instruments for pocket money in the shop next door. Not to mention that he is our boss, so he bears the responsibility for everything we do and there is nothing we should worry about. I already suspected that Arik is not very competent. Once, while discussing a rather simple problem, I wrote a mathematical formula on the board, Arik decided to simplify it for some reason, and, to everybody’s embarrassment, couldn’t take the general multiplier out of the brackets! This level of mathematical literacy is taught at school! Some web-sites proclaim Arik to be a PhD and a talented mechanical engineer, but I found out that he is not familiar with technical terminology – he called any protruding part of the device a ‘chubchik’. For example, when I would be explaining to him how this or that device I was working on is supposed to function, he would say ‘Yes, I agree, only put a chubchik here and there – it’ll work better’. He never bothered to explain the logic behind such ‘technical’ solutions, but considers them to morally justify putting his name in the future patent as a co-author. His tendency to thus ‘mark’ everything as his own resembles a certain healthy natural instinct. Well, depends on how you look at it. Chubchik is no big deal – and a boss is a boss.
Next I would like to describe the criminal activities of Arik Ariav and Vladimir Ravich, who committed crimes without doubt, even regardless of the abovementioned facts. It happened while Arik Ariav headed ‘Girad Ltd.’ (‘Nexense Ltd.’ In the future), and Vladimir Ravich was the chief engineer there. During that period of time Israeli Army guarded the borderline between Egypt and the Gaza strip. The first news about Palestinian terrorists trying to dig tunnels under the border fence started to appear. Those tunnels were dug to smuggle arms from Egypt to Gaza. Arik Ariav quickly figured out an opportunity and invited the representatives of the military technological complex to his company, where he managed to persuade them that ‘Girad Ltd.’ actually has the technology to detect locations of tunnel digging. I don’t know the exact details of those meetings, but I can say that precisely next day I was summoned to the office of Vladimir Ravich, who told me that ‘we have the technology to detect tunnel digging’ and that it is necessary to complete a dummy prototype of the respective device for the next day. The prototype should just display the layout of the components in space, like, this round thing is the sensor, this wire goes to the box housing the (yet non-existent) electronic assembly, this one goes to the PC which would display the tremors from digging on the monitor – and I was told not to conduct any real tests! No time and money for those! Yes, it would be perfectly fine to include some component from a previous device, which would generate some signal – only to show how the signal goes from the sensor to the computer – but that’s it. Dummy, no working prototype, don’t spend too much time on it – we only need it for a couple of days. As I was told, I constructed the dummy – a non-working, non-functional prototype of a device. Next day Arik Ariav told me: ‘Get all you pyrotechnics and come with us’. He put me into his private car and we, together with Vladimir Ravich, went all the way to the border with Gaza. There we were transferred to a military jeep, and the military drove us to approximately 10 kilometers away from the checkpoint, to the borderline between Egypt and Gaza. I would like to mention that I was given neither any protective clothing, not any arms applicable for such a dangerous place - they only told me to ‘get down and stay down’ if shots would be fired at me. The jeep left and the 2 soldiers who were supposed to protect me would have to defend themselves if something happened. I, wearing a brightly colored civilian t-shirt, would have been an easy target even in a short engagement – having served in 2 armies, can say that quite knowledgeably. My colleagues from ‘Girad Ltd.’ were in the same situation, of course – but it was their problem. The jeep brought us to the pit several meters deep. In it there was a tunnel opening discovered earlier, which looked somewhat like a very large rat hole.
Vladimir Ravich asked me to put the dummy components on the ground and to turn on the computer for some reason. Then the officer present commanded thesoldier to get down in the pit and start digging in the tunnel. SUDDENLY I REALIZED THAT I AM ACTUALLY TAKING PART IN THE WORKING PROTOTYPE TEST FOR THE SIGNALLING SYSTEM DEVICE!!! Needless to say, it was a big surprise for me. I opened my mouth to say that this is outrageous, but Vladimir Ravich ran to me and started to whisper, asking to me to shut up, explaining that we are doing what’s necessary and that in the nearest future I will have a chance to develop the real thing and to test it for real.
Next day Arik Ariav went abroad, nobody told me what to do, so I developed the real thing in about a month – it was quite a decent seismometer sensor, which I tested in the yard. It was not something one could call an invention. It was a fairly trivial engineering job, albeit with an interesting experimental part. Vladimir Ravich watched it condescendingly, not forgetting to position himself as a project manager. I must say the device turned out to be not bad at all, and could probably have saved the life of the well-known corporal Gilad Shalit when he was abducted by bandits.
Then Arik Ariav returned from his trip and was not happy at all with the progress made on this project. Taking advantage of the moment when I left the lab, he stamped on my device and crushed it to pieces. He was sure that, having gone out of the door, I’ll be back not soner than in a couple of minutes, but it just so happened that I remembered that I forgot the screwdriver on my table and instantly returned for it. Just in time to see how Arik Ariav is crushing my device with his feet, Vladimir Ravich standing near and watching him do it. When they realized that I saw them, theyu immediately tried to persuade me that it was an accident. I did not argue because by that time I perfectly well understood who am I dealing with. After that I left the company, having submitted my resignation letter to Arik. In my letter I explained that I do not wish to participate in their fraudulent shady deals.
But before I left I recreated that device, even though both Arik and Vladimir told me ‘that project is closed’. It is worth noting that the device was destroyed by other employees who were told to do so by the administration. I do not know how much money was ‘assimilated’ by the ‘Girad Ltd.’ Administration, but I definitely know that afterwards Arik started telling everybody that his company is successfully collaborating with the army and the military industry, employing his ‘unique’ technology and ‘hugely’ advancing the capabilities of modern arms. Arik was showing people a plastic model of a jet fighter plane with a copper wire (found in his rubbish bin) glued to its wing. He hinted at very successful projects, using such words as ‘genius’, ‘astonishing’ and ‘awesome’.
10 years after the abovementioned stories and almost 4 years after I left the company
‘Nexense Ltd.’, I had a very unexpected and most unpleasant surprise: patent bureau ‘EHRLICH & PARTNERS’, which services ‘Nexense Ltd.’, sent me a patent application , asking me to sign it as a co-inventor. Apart from an Irish stew concocted from all other stuff I have (or haven’t) done at ‘Nexense Ltd.’, I found the drawings of the seismometer described above – the one destroyed by Arik Ariav by stamping on it and crushing it. In response to that I wrote the following letter to the head engineer Vladimir Ravich:

Attention Vladimir Ravich - the senior R&D engineer of NEXENSE

I recently received a very dubious patent application to sign from EHRLICH & FENSTER, in which a seismograph was unobtrusively included.
A short while before that I saw the wounded people carried out of the "KHUTZOT" mall, which is quite close to my home – and not much further from yours.
Returning to that seismosensor:
The development of that device was commissioned in order to install it on the border between Egypt and Gaza for early detection of digging underground tunnels used to smuggle those very Iranian missiles which are now falling on Ashkelon - where you, s.o.b., reside - among other people.
Arik Ariav and you, m.f., stole all the money allocated to the seismograph project - to the extent that I had to scavenge the dumps to find old circuit boards and solder microchips out of them for the electronic part of the device, as well as looking for usable scrap metal
leftovers for the mechanical part. Why did I have to do everything alone for that
project? The company lacked funds to hire an electronics engineer, milling-machine
operator, programmer and, most important, geophysicist?
What, bastards, getting the money for nothing was more fun that developing the device?
Why Ariav destroyed the device that I finally managed to build? Why did he have to smash it again after I resurrected it?
Who gave you the right to lie to the customer, saying that the project failed?
Why did you ask me to rebuild it? Wouldn't it be nice to tell your neighbours how you
were supervising this project? Even better - tell it to all the Ashkelon as well as Sderot.
You got it, you dirty louse?


I do not regret writing the letter in this style at all – crooks who have neither shame nor conscience should be spoken to in this style. The letter was spread widely and undoubtedly reached its destination. But only half a year later Arik Ariav’s lawyer sent me an official letter saying that they blame me for slander, lies, and even for stealing, stating that they could sue me as a criminal. In that letter they demanded that I must publicly apologize or otherwise they’ll go to court. During the 2 following phone conversations with their lawyer I unequivocally told him that I’m not going to apologize and that I’m ready to go to court to counter any blames. This particular text is being prepared by me for that possible future court hearing. 3 months passed since I talked to that lawyer, but I still have not received any letter summoning me to a court hearing.
The following examples of ‘Nexense Ltd.’ actions demonstrate that Arik Ariav has some connections with the military industry. He clearly considers himself invincible and is sure he will never be punished for his actions and the disasters to which those actions may lead.
Not very faraway from the Yavne city, where ‘Nexense Ltd.’ is situated, there is a closed military zone ‘Nahal Soreq’ with a working nuclear reactor. Nearby there is a lab using heavy radioactive gas emitted by the reactor. That lab develops miniature jet engines for space satellites, using the gas to create the jet flow. I do not know how ‘Nexense Ltd.’ obtained the access to that place without proper clearance – which obviously is illegal.
‘Nexense Ltd.’ employees visited the lab and offered to include their ‘unique technology’ in the construction of those jet engines. ‘Nexense Ltd.’ never had such technology and was not going to develop it – I can attest to that. In spite of that, one of the ‘Nexense Ltd.’ employees brought one such engine to the company, under pretense that it was needed for ‘research’ – which was never carried out of course. The engine they obtained was badly damaged (dropped on the floor in the office of senior engineer Vladimir Ravich) – where it lay for another several months and then disappeared. It is interesting to note the discussion I had with Ravich in his office about it. Pointing at the engine, I said ‘part of a satellite’ – to which Ravuich sarcastically replied ‘almost new to!’ – imitating a bazaar vendor shouting.
This is just one of the reasons for which I quit any work on this project, in spite of heavy pressure from the administration of ‘Nexense Ltd.’.

Next example:
‘Nexense Ltd.’ established ties with a large state company developing various military jet missiles and offered to it the sensor for measuring the gas pressure in the nozzle – the sensor ‘Nexense Ltd.’ never had at all!
At the same time I was trying to develop a blood pressure sensor commissioned by the ‘Samsung’ company. I must say I did not succeed – needless to say that the sensor I was developing could possibly be no good for the nozzles (which I told to Arik Ariav and Vladimir Ravich many times), yet Arik Ariav sent me to that missile-building company to conduct the tests, together with their engineers, using it. I don’t think I earned the shame that I was subjected to there! However, I could hardly explain to them that my boss is a crook – they wouldn’t have understood, same as in many other cases, about which I could testify too.

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