Friday, July 23, 2004

The "Miles Hudson is a military historian with several interesting books to his credit, especially his War and the Media (1981), written with Field Marshal Sir John Stanier. He gives his latest book the subtitle ?A Cautionary Tale?, and so indeed it is. It tells the story of the various forces sent to Russia in 1918?19 by the Allies for what seemed at the time good reasons. Each was a separate expedition within the vast geographical range of Russia?s western frontier. Eventually all of them ended in humiliating failure, and their presence was used by the Bolsheviks (or Bolos as they were often called at the time) as patriotic propaganda in their struggle to win their own power.

The British were of course not alone in this venture (except in the Baltic sector). The nationalities of the forces engaged were:
55,000 Czechs
12,000 Poles
4,000 Serbs
4,000 Romanians
2,000 Italians
1,600 British
760 French
28,000 Japanese (later increased to 70,000)
7,500 Americans
4,000 Canadians"

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