Thursday, February 18, 2021

kiss away each hour of hiraeth

When referees fight back: Darren Drysdale confronted Ipswich player Alan Judge face on - but was he right to do so?
Former referee Keith Hackett gives us his view on Drysdale's 'rutting stag' as we ask, what happens next and has this ever happened before?
Dad would have said that Darren Drysdale was "dropping the bean" on Alan Judge above. I don't think I have ever heard anyone else use that colloquialism.

He refereed for a bit after he stopped playing. In one game things got so heated he stepped out of the field of play and announced that now he was over the touchline he was no longer an official so anyone who wanted to sort things out the old fashioned way was quite welcome to join him. I know what all secretly wish Darren Drysdale had done that with this pipsqueak.

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