Monday, August 17, 2020

Swann's Way

 YouTube's recommendation algorithm tugged on my sleeve concerning the In Our Time episode about Proust yesterday, and I listened to it as À la recherche du temps perdu had come up in the morning when I was talking to Peter and I had been forced to admit that  (apart from madeleine cakes) I knew practically nothing about it at all.

I learned from Melvyn and guests that the first part of the first book goes on and on and on about our protagonist not being able to get to sleep.

I never have any trouble getting to sleep. (Is a somniac the opposite of an insomniac?) 

It has struck me that if I buy the Audible version, I can start to listen to it when I go to bed and never get past the Overture because I always nod off.

Eat your heart out Borges!

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