Sunday, January 26, 2020

A Killer in Manila

The year is 1997, corruption was rife in the Philippines with the Capital Manila at the centre of that corruption.Two of the most powerful men in the World, Simon Moore and Boyd Stevenson were at logger heads with each other. They had offices Australia, Hong Kong, London and New York and of course Manila.Into this violent World stumbled five mid forty guys from the quiet sedate town of Henley on Thames, the sporting tour to beat all others was planned. The tour took in the Hong Kong Sevens, The F1 in Kuala Lumpur and the Manila tens.It was madness all the way. With Manila adding the icing on the cake. Manila, love, Madness. Five guys left these shores only one returned.

Kevin told me about the book above that Mike has written. I was one of the five who went to the Hong Kong Sevens and Manila with them in the mid nineties for all that I am a decade younger, not from Henley and managed to return.

I wonder if I dare read it?

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