Friday, March 30, 2018

I am a very foolish fond old man

Ben's in the air at the moment, flying to New York on his way to Florida.

I found out this morning that Paapa's off to the Big Apple on Monday as well.Gregory Doran’s critically-acclaimed production of King Lear travels to New York with Antony Sher reprising the title role and Mr Essiedu as Edmund; Brooklyn Academy of Music from 7th to the 29th of April.

After that (as we know) he is returning to Hamlet in Washington DC. How on earth he imagines he is going to have any chance of getting in our Monday night pub quiz team in Tooting at this rate I have no idea.

Actually, quite a few of the Hamlet cast seem to be in Lear as well, including Mimi Ndiweni and Clarence Smith, both of whom I particularly admired at Hackney last week.

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