Monday, July 20, 2015

Cray me a river

I got telephone call from some one at the Fish Movements Team at the Environment Agency about my application to trap crayfish.

It seems that there aren't any in the Wandle, as "there is no way for them to get in."

The guy told me that he could issue me a license but he didn't think it was worth it and advised me that the River Mole which runs through Surrey before joining the Thames at Kingston is crawling with the things if I wanted to reapply to catch them there.

I suppose the Mole is not all that far away, but it is perhaps too inconvenient for me to go and set the trap one day and then come back a day or too later to retrieve it.

Chalk one up to experience I suppose. I should also acknowledge that it was a decent gesture to call me. It would have been easier for the Agency simply to deal out a  useless license and leave me to my own futile devices.

Here are a few links I had been saving up for the project that (just like my Swedish trap) are now likely to lie here forlorn and unheeded.

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