Wednesday, March 04, 2015

You can only go down from here

It has struck me (if being told by someone else counts as striking) that the Ruts U14s are already promoted to Surrey League 1 for rugby next year. Surrey's rules give you one point for losing a game. I think the idea behind this is to make not turning up (zero points) a worse option for a struggling team than getting beaten.

Thus even if we lose the next two games (a highly unlikely scenario) we will still have get two more points and a total of 34 so we can't be caught.

Congratulations to the Bomber et al. Now that they are good I can finally get off my chest that in their first game at U11 (the age group at which kicking is allowed) KCS Old Boys scored against them from what seemed like every restart and I thought we would never amount to anything at all.

Also I was out at the tour committee meeting for Cardiff at the end of April last night, so I will just link 'blog the state of play for that.

24 April: Coach from the club to the Nos Da Studio Hotel and Hostel.
25 April: Game at Cowbridge RFC, Judgement Day III at the Millennium Stadium (maybe just the second match), dinner  at Fed.
26 April: Game against Llandaff at the Arms Park.

(I wonder if can be fitted in too? It is in the same street as Fed.)

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