Sunday, March 20, 2011

Darling, are we terribly wicked?

In case I was being followed, I went to a matinee of William Douglas-Home's The Reluctant Debutante in Richmond Theatre yesterday, before settling down to watch England versus Ireland in the pub. The play, which is about launching a young gel into the season, is set in 1957 which is scarcely conceivable given that Heartbreak Hotel was released in January 1956 and Look Back in Anger was first produced four months later in May.

The years have not been kind, and it was so lightweight that it might blow away caught in a gust of wind, not unlike England's Grand Slam and Triple Crown aspirations.

(I noticed Susan Hampshire and Eddie Kulukundis in the audience which reminded me that Rod use to work for the Kulukundis shipping company back in the 80s before he ran away to the Congo.)

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