Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get well soon

Chris Howell had an emergency operation to remove his appendix last week and now - I see via Kim in Facebook:
Chris is back in hospital again! Wound infected and may have an abscess - he's been through the mill in the last 9 days. So, back on IV antibiotics and we'll know more after an ultrasound tomorrow.
Considering the corners of the world to which our compadres from university and the Pamplona jaunts of the 80s have scattered, I thought I would note it here as I know that some of them check in to these pages from time to time.


chris said...

cheers, Dude
On the mend, now.
4th dose of antibiotics, and lots of rest should do the job.


Nick Browne said...

Good to have you back. Will try and catch up over Christmas.

chris said...

We have an open house for Welsh Born Exiles. :-)