Wednesday, November 24, 2010

strange solitary crazy Catholic mystic

Continuing with the Duluoz Legend I have been astonished to discover that Desolation Angels appears to be out of print.

This seems to be a ridiculous state of affair in the age of the Kindle et al. Reputations wax and wane, but Kerouac is surely a significant figure in 20th century American letters.

I can see him on YouTube on the Steve Allen Show, and even hear him singing (I use the word advisedly) "On the Road" via Spotify, but I can't break the spine on a new copy of one of his novels.
“I hope it is true that a man can die and yet not only live in others but give them life, and not only life, but that great consciousness of life.”
Myself: Not if they can't get hold of the book, mate.

Prodnose: “My witness is the empty sky.”

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