Tuesday, March 02, 2010

In the long term

Both email and snail mail have tipped me the wink that the Childline Challenge is back on this year - after a sabbatical - on April 25th.

Good news. I am up for it again, though I may have to tug on your sleeve as there is a minimum £100 sponsorship commitment.

Let's try and get our ducks in a row, for the year's events.

I've already had some prelminary discussions with Rob about the Springfield Triatholon on June 2oth, but I have just discovered that it is on the same day as the London to Brighton Bike ride.

I've only done it once, but the usual crew are up for the London to Windsor Bike Ride on September 5th. Andy and I should be doing the shortened 29 mile version with our kids (Jonnie and Ben) this year.

I've put on a few pounds since the begining of the year. Perhaps if I commit to train for the currently distant http://www.swanseabay10k.com/ (Sep 26) it will help focus my mind.

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