Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Polarizing the audience

Sixteen artists, a tour guide and a scriptwriter respond to unusual and overlooked outdoor spaces in South London. The artists dissect, re-arrange and re-imagine disused and contested spaces creating thought-provoking interventions, hidden installations and humorous performances amongst the suburban fabric of Colliers Wood.
And to think missed it.

I would particularly like to have seen "a couple of artists dressed as polar bears relaxing in the middle of a busy roundabout". I bet that was Ilka Leukefeld.
Twelve human beings are dressed up in polar bear suits.
The suits are randomly stitched together from old fake fur coats, dressing gowns, fleece jumpers, etc. The bears look just like rag dolls and all of them are wearing hand made and crude looking bulls and cows masks. They communicate with each other by 'mooing' in a gathering that lasts about twenty minutes.
Obvious really.

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Nick Browne said...

I was right!
How 'bout them bears?