Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where's your head at?

Chris phoned me and Rob emailed me about the Aspire One. I've also been asked about it numerous times when pecking the keyboard in a public place with wi-fi connectivity.

So where are we at? Here's what I wrote to Rob ten days ago:
I am very happy with my Linux box. It is small enough to throw in a gym bag and take everywhere (note that there is no CD or DVD drive). I am using it to educate myself on Linux. Though there is a good range of applications, the box is pretty much tied down when it arrives. I've really had to get my head under the bonnet even to get the chance to play around with it. I'm not even sure if I can do drive mapping to Windows on it yet. I'll get there but it will take a while.

My advice to you would be that Windows (and your experience with it) is worth the extra forty odd quid when getting kitted out and I do recommend that hardware.
I still agree. You add applications like so, but though I've installed an RDP client to access Terminal Server I can't find it to run. Similarly I'm bemused as to how to set up a VPN connection. I've got a VNC client working but that is just by downloading and running an executable.

Next job: setting the resolution for an external monitor.

(While I remember I have installed a printer connected to a Vista box over a Windows network as well; Samba was involved.)

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