Tuesday, November 27, 2001

File Differences:

The Global.asa file is different because it contains location specific settings. The Surrey Copy need not be updated.
AdminMaininclude .asp looks to be more up to date in Surrey that on our database. I will leave it for the time being.
PhoneInc.asp similarly contains code for ensuring that logins are valid in the domain. (Leave)
PhoneListAmend has two changes by Michael. Surrey Version Updated.
PhoneListEditor looks the same to me. (Source Safe does sometimes seem to show non existent differences).
I am going to leave the differences in the Distribution List directory although i do think that the Surrey version again may be more up to date.
I am going to leave the differences in Images.
Init\AdminMain has been changed by us.Update on Surrey.
LocationPick.asp is changed by us. Update on Surrey.
PhoneResult has been corrected by us. Update on Surrey.
PhoneSrc we did remove the Form validation. Update on Surrey.
TitlePick.asp updated by us. Update on Surrey.
LocationXML leave for the time being.

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