Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Windows 2000 Accelerated exam 70-240 Answer to Windows 2000 Accelerated Exam Question of the day.
Which of the following would be the proper entry in an lmhosts file on a windows 2000 Professional computer connecting to a domain called 'mydomian' that has a primary domain controller named 'mypdc'.

A. mypdc #PRE #DOM:mydomain
B. mypdc #PRE #DOM:mydomain
C. #PRE #DOM:mydomain mypdc
D. #PRE #DOM:mydomain mypdc

Answer - B

The proper format for an entry in an LMhosts file is:
'IP Address' 'machine name' 'keywords'
The #PRE keyword is used to preload the entry into name cache. By default entries are not preloaded into cache and are checked only after a name server query fails.
The #DOM keyword is used to specify that the entry is a domain controller of the specified domain.

reference: Windows 2000 Professional Resource Kit Chapter 22, Pg. 998-999

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